We all do things with words.

And, if you are like most people, you would like to get more done, with a better outcome, when you communicate. Especially if you have to speak in front of a group. Whether you are someone who writes well and is challenged by speaking or someone who speaks well and is challenged by writing, Lisa Perry can help you.


Lisa Perry, JD


Lisa Perry is an educator, speaker, and attorney who focuses on helping clients to develop and present written and spoken arguments and persuasive messages.

She has trained over 1500 attorneys, researchers, managers, entrepreneurs, engineers, physicians and others in the past decade, helping them to develop the public speaking, persuasion, and strategic communication abilities required for success in an evolving and international economy.

With a background in law, sales, public speaking, intercultural and interpersonal communication, she brings an array of expertise to bear on client communication issues, allowing her to develop and deliver customized coaching and training programs in critical thinking, persuasive communication, sales training, visual communication, and written communication.